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Wild Bear Face Painting

Wild Bear Face Painting
Raccoon Girl from Wild Earth Day 2014

The first time I ever did some Wild Bear face painting was back in the Fall of 2003. I met Jill Dreves (the founder of Wild Bear Nature Center) in my first season of painting faces at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market  in Spring of 2003 — I was a total face painting newbie who had no idea what I was doing, and Jill was dressed up as a giant raccoon. She clearly knew what she was doing!

My first Wild Bear face painting experience was that October up at their Enchanted Forest event. It was cold (!!!), but autumnal and magical to be outside up in the mountains with this crazy group of fun folks!

From the beginning, I was proud to be associated with Jill and her amazing group of ecologists, biologists, and nature-loving people. My daughter attended their summer camps, and we’ve remained connected over the past 13 years. What they have going on up in Nederland (hands-on, creative programming for all ages!) is a benefit to ALL of Boulder County and the entire Front Range!

I’m super excited to be painting faces again with Wild Bear for their Wild Earth Celebration coming up on Sunday, April 24, from 11a – 4p. The event will be at the CU Museum this year, and it’s gonna be a blast!

Come get WILD, celebrate Earth Day, and get your Wild Animal face paint ON!!!


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