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Polynesian-Style Denver Henna Belly Art

Belly henna for pregnant mamas in Denver has kept my wintery off-season time fun and creative. And some moms and their designs just stick out in my mind because they push me creatively to do something different and explore new artistic territory. I’m always grateful for this experience! I feel proud when I step away from a new design, and both the mama-to-be and I are really happy with the results!!

The Perfect Henna Session

Stitch, the Perfect Dog

Some henna sessions are just PERFECT — I’m excited about the mom’s ideas, I’m happy with my sketch, my henna
paste is flowing EXACTLY how I like it, the lighting is excellent, conversation with the mom and her family is engaging and wonderful, and sometimes, even the family PET is absolutely perfect! This henna session with Jessica was AAAAAALLLLL of those things, and more.  It’s the kind of appointment I walk away from thinking, I wish ALL of my sessions were this spot-on!! (Yes, her dog was perfect, too.)

Let’s start with the design. First, Jessica requested hibiscus flowers. No problem, I thought — I’ve done these flowers in multiple belly designs. And THEN she mentioned that her husband is Samoan. Without hesitating, I started googling Samoan flowers and patterns, and my mind was blown by the beauty and inspiration in ALL of it.  I was pleased to discover not only hibiscus flowers but also plumeria blossoms and the gorgeous teuila flower (also known as “red ginger” — the Samoan national flower). And the traditional Samoan patterns are simply stunning. Truth be told, I was lying sick on the couch, but I immediately picked up my pens and sketchbook and started drawing.

From Idea to Sketch Pad

The First Sketch

This sketch was a good starting place but not really what I had in mind for the shape of a belly design. So a few days later, I started my pencil sketching and began work on something lush and flowery. I sent Jessica my ROUGH sketch, and she requested less leaves and MORE of the tribal, Samoan patterns. A very smart request, in my opinion! Aesthetically, those bold patterns were going to be the ideal contrast to the lush flowers.

The first ROUGH pencil sketch!

So after doing one more fast, rough pencil sketch, I felt like I had the placement of everything where I wanted it along with just the right contrast of lush flowers and tribal patterning. I sent it to Jessica, and she approved! Fast forward to our henna session together… perfect lighting, perfect henna paste, perfect dog. AND Jessica has these amazing fabrics from Samoa that were perfect (yes, more perfection) for our photos. Our session took about 2 hours total, and I’m simply in love with her design. I have so much gratitude for this kind of creative push AND so much joy for when everything comes together in such a lovely way.

Many thanks for beautiful Jessica (and her sister Jennifer) for this experience!


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