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Face Painting Classes

Face Painting Boulder

Finishing up my off-season right now (Jan through Mar), and thinking about the number of people who ask me about teaching classes! I’ve taught a few henna classes over the past couple of months but not any face painting classes. Why? Because honestly, henna appeals to a MUCH broader local audience for me — a bigger age range of teens and adults! PLUS it involves less time and investment to dive in and have fun (you can buy a couple of henna cones from me for $10 and start drawing!!). Face painting, however, really requires good tools and quality makeup — more thought and product and money to begin.

But, that being said, you can invest a little bit of time and energy and start having fun with face painting, too! I think one of the BEST resources out there for learning ANY kind of body art is FABA TV (Face and Body Art Television). You can access ALL levels of instruction for ALL types of body art (face painting, henna, glitter tattoos, airbrush, body painting, etc) from world-class, top-notch instructors!

THREE of my own classes are on this website — Fast and Fabulous Face Painting; Free-hand Glitter Tattoos; and Marketing Henna and Temp Tattoos for Your Business. So, now that my busy season is kicking in but you still want to take a class from me? FABA TV is exactly where you need to begin!

And then, if you have any questions after watching one of my classes, shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

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