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Face Fiesta is dedicated to providing the most professional and reliable artists and entertainers for parties and events in the Boulder / Denver area

…thanks again for joining us at the holiday party a few weeks back. I’m STILL getting such awesome feedback on your work! Melissa, Atlas Real Estate

face-painting-denver-boulder-colorado-1 copyLeah Reddell is an internationally recognized artist, and she and her group of talented entertainers have exceeded the expectations of literally hundreds of corporate clients, providing thousands of hours of entertainment!

Whether you’re planning a large corporate event, a community party or a family celebration, we can put together a custom package of services to make your event colorful, memorable and fabulous.

  Our party and event services include   

Face Painting

Leah  brings an element of fun and flare to any event with her team of highly trained face-painting artists.

They are FAST and FABULOUS!

Body Painting

Professional body painting will kick your event up to the next level.

Draw attention to your product or event with something truly unusual, colorful, and fun!


Create a unique celebration through temporary body art!  Leah and her artists can spend hours on one client for a special event, or they can henna up to 30 people per hour for an after prom or large event.

Balloon Art

Are you bored with sword and poodle balloons? Kids, adults and even teenagers will line up for the best balloon designs they’ve ever seen! Famous cartoon characters, every kind of animal and any other design you can imagine!

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a catalyst for insight and conversation.

Entertain and engage people at your party with fun and enlightening tarot readings!

Glitter Tattoos

Having a pool party or barbecue by the lake?  No problem!  Glitter and mica tattoos are totally waterproof – they survive swimming, and they’re suitable for all ages!


Face Fiesta books award-winning caricature artists to provide our customers with a friendly, funny, and fast, live art entertainment experience like no other.  Every client walks away with a great piece of art!