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Client Appreciation with Denver Henna!

finalMaryPat Munding, the Realtor, ROCKS.  Yes, I’m living in my dream house because of her (I now have a Real, Grown Up Office, not just a desk lodged between the litter box and washing machine), but I also get to work at the best parties because of her — because I’m her client AND her personal body artist! I get to be part of her Client Appreciation on ALL levels!

I had more unique requests at this party than ever! Bob Ross, the Illuminati Eye, and a PUG? All at one party? It doesn’t get any more fun than that.

Ok, I actually had some “normal” requests last night, too… most folks gave me a LOT of creative license to henna whatever design I wanted. I love that! (More samples of henna designs below…) I did a little bit of face painting, but this was definitely a crowd that wanted their body art to last longer than face paint!

Denver henna artist
Hands-on Client Appreciation!

I realize that this party was about MaryPat’s gratitude for her customers, but I came away from this party feeling so much gratitude for her and for this Lafayette / East Boulder County community that we live in. Every one of these folks was connected to each other in some way in their lives — through kids, business, neighbors, work, play, through life. And really, through MaryPat! What a joy!

Thank you, MaryPat for having me there! Thank you for ALL of it!

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